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Fats. What is your take on the subject? I stopped eating vegetable fats in favor of reclaiming bacon fat to cook with, using butter and other animal fats and cutting sugar. My cholesterol went from not a good balance to being great. Animal fats taste better to me and I can use the by products of cooking instead of buying veg oil.

quickanswertothat5 karma

No. Just cutting sugar not eliminating but a severe cut. My understanding is sugar has a big effect on liver health and total cholesterol but diet science is really a mine field of disinformation and agendas. Many players have skin in the game including those who teach dietary science. It's easier to just keep teaching the same old garbage vs keeping up to date and altering the curriculum. That was nursing school in a nutshell especially regarding wound care. Wet to dry dressings are down right medieval for the most part yet that is what we were taught even though at the time the prevailing treatment modalities didn't include it. There was so much more that they taught us that was just plain wrong. I had a friends wife just grad from an RD program and the stuff she says is simply bizarre and she wouldn't refer me to any real data or studies differing to "that's what I was thought and I have my RD!!" Errr OK conversation over. I would really like to know. I cant find anything conclusive but it all points to sugar is really bad for you and animal derived fats not so much if at all.