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Was it Mike Goble?

If so, thanks. He was a friend.

If it was any other GB....still thanks. It's an important job giving what you give to families.

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National Training Center, NTC, in Fort Irwin, California.

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This sounds a lot like America, although the first time after someone died past the danger signs, likely we would just close it to public access for "the public safety" and what have you.

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Did you participate in any of the Jedburgh operations? If so, what interesting things happened while helping/training/supporting the Partisans?

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I would add that the top of most of the seven hills are "richer" but other than that, yes small pockets of nicer houses. Running water and Sewer in a lot of the city, but the slums are pretty nasty. I was pretty concerned when the last Ebola outbreak (2012) took place, as if the one patient who came to Kampala infected anyone, it would spread amazingly quick in the slums.

There are a number of good restaurants and stores to choose from, although in the nicer restaurants you will see a large majority of muzungu's (sp? - foreigner's / white-ish westerners) as the living wage in Kampala and even more so the rest of the country is incredibly low.

Source - I lived there 5 1/2 months of 2012 and explored a lot.