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How did you tell them?

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First of all: The game looks awesome and I'm already a huge fan! (stunning environment and monster/character design!)

So there's only 3 of you guys and you seem to be working very hard for this game all the time. I was wondering if it's more like "a dream come true" or whether you start regretting stuff already (sounds mean, sry). Is there some new and profound advice you can give people now who are considering game design/development you wouldn't have thought of before?

Hyped for the game :)

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It might be a stupid question, but I actua├Âly don't know a single person who has/had cancer... how did you find out you had cancer? What are the symptoms? What made you go to the doctors office? (because obviously not everyone just calls up the doc to check for cancer...) What was the one thing that made you think "uh oh.. Sth is not right..."