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Oh gosh, that is a direct heart catheter for emergency hemodialysis?

That sucks.. have they figured out what caused the kidney failure?

I was diagnosed with end stage kidney disease 2 years ago, over Christmas, when I was 34. Was admitted to the hospital for a biopsy and other tests. I'm going to be starting dialysis early next year.. I've beaten the doctors expectations so far! I was at about 15% as well, they expected to need dialysis within 6 months but here I am 2 years later. Down to about 11% now.

Anyway, worst part is they have no idea what caused it. All tests have been negative. I even paid $500 for a genetic test but it was inconclusive...

Good luck! Find yourself a live doner!!

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To be fair, neither of those options take away the "dieting" requirement.

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I was under the impression that most sleep apnea only occurred when on your back. Guess I was wrong!

For me my airway is completely obstructed if I try to sleep on my back. But I'm pretty sure this is related to my obesity.

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Hunh. Did they want to out a fistula in your arm? I'm curious because all the doctors have been telling me they like to avoid the direct catheter as much as possible.