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Indeed. Pretty disappointing AMA considering the subject. One-line replies everywhere.

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The young entrepreneur invested the ACC compensation payment he received after his accident into the stock market, he "did alright" and used his earnings to buy a house.

Was that a bit of a risky gamble in hindsight?

How much is "alright"?

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2 years ago I fell playing soccer and broke my c2. I was very lucky though and had no major issues after the bone healed. However I still have ongoing problems like headaches and neck pain that may never go away. There are days where I get very pissed off with it all. Then i find a thread like this and it puts it into perspective.

Very inspiring. Keep it up.

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Now I want pizza.

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Thanks for that. It sure feels long :)

Overall, I'm probably having more good days than bad ones in the last while so need to stay positive.

Wish you well. It's folks like you that motivate others in similar situations.