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Hi, nice documentary. It was definitely quite a ride and very engaging. Two questions:

1) I thought the use of the bizarre character avatars was a nice touch. Was that strictly a style choice, or was it in part for anonymity?

2) I was pleased to see Nick Bostrom on there, as he is definitely one of the leading experts in the theory (check out his interview on Sean Carrol's podcast, Mindscape). I was hoping for more scientific/philosophical grounding. Why did you choose to lean more into people's personal beliefs and conspiracy theories than the actual scientific and philosophical views?

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Do you feel that the late-19th/early-20th centuries were a special time in physics, in that great leaps of intuition (i.e, Einstein) could have a much more profound impact than would be possible today?

I've often wondered why we haven't had another Einstein, and I think it's because we've learned so much that such leaps are much more difficult for a single person's intellect. Do you think that the next big leaps in physics will come from AI working in tandem with humans?

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Yeah it was definitely interesting to see how everyday people take these ideas and kinda let their imaginations run wild with them. It is almost like a religious belief to them. Having a science background I tend to sift through the nonsense very quickly to the core of it and get my grounding there.

Also, interesting that you would have to get lookalikes instead of the actual people you interviewed. Is there a reason for that? Is it just industry standards or are there legal issues?