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What about a person who just yawns a lot? I yawn a lot but not because I'm tired. I just always feel like yawning. Would someone like me be docked everytime I yawned? (I yawned 3 4 times while typing this)

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Ewwww. I never thought of that. So I'll be leaving snacks, water AND sanitizing hand wipes on my porch

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Hello! I used Benadryl for years to help me sleep until I found out that it is in a class of drugs called anticholinergics. These drugs have been linked to increased risk of developing dementia. Many anti seizure meds are anticholinergics too, so if you take those for seizures, pain or migraine, you'll have to weigh which is worse to deal with. Personally, I decided my chronic pain is better to deal with, but mine is manageable.

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