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I will be following up on this. As soon as this is available I will start the process of donating. Thanks so much for this ama. I would not have considered this without it.

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i had surgery a week ago and before passing out i remember thinking, "dood i'm SO awake....but no longer shivering...i wonder when they're going to have me count down..." waking was a quick thought to try to remember the "dream" and then BP cuff inflated on my arm and i immediately asked the nurse, "positivo o negativo?" (my surgery was for cancer)

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cute~ negative in surgery. now we wait for pathology to check spread. :)

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i had only a 3-hour operation a week ago and have been sleeping a LOT also. :) i think it comes with the territory. heal well!

how is your throat after all that time under? i found halls cough drops to help the soreness.

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I actually had my 2 yo chop a finger (well, she was 2 then) and blood sprayed all over the kitchen. I wrapped that puppy up quick and now at 11 you can't even tell. her first (and only ) ambulance ride, though in retrospect, I could have just driven her myself.