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What would you tell your 20-year-old self?

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Thank you!

It's very true that we all forget how much worse we could have it.
Good luck to you and you grandma, thanks for doing this.

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What do you think of capitalism?

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First of all - congratulations!

Slightly silly question: provided the opportunity, would you want to live in a mars colony? If yes, what would be the conditions (maximal duration, minimal colony size, etc.)

I started asking this questions to my friends a couple of weeks back and was fascinated by the broad spectrum of replies. Let's see what an astronomer thinks :)

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You said you'll come back so perhaps I'm not too late yet :) From your perspective, do you think neural enhancements to people without disabilities are a feasable possibility in the near future? Does the General public over- or underestimate the viability of this? Or are, in your opinion, other Technological trends coming most people wouldn't be aware of?

Congratulations and deep respect for your work, it amazes me what you have been able to do.