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What would you tell your 20-year-old self?

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Thank you!

It's very true that we all forget how much worse we could have it.
Good luck to you and you grandma, thanks for doing this.

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What do you think of capitalism?

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Vegan here. I don't view non-human animals at the same level as humans. But "being human" isn't my requirement for not killing something for taste pleasure. Not wanting to die and being able to suffer extensively is enough for me.

So if I don't have to kill let's say a dog (and liking the taste of its flesh isn't "having to"), I'd view it as wrong to do so. Even if I totally could. The same obviously goes for even smarter animals, such as pigs.

So going for a bean burrito and thereby not killing a sentient being with the level of consciousness of a toddler - worth it to me.

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