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Not Tony, he eats an onion a day

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price carbon

So proud of our tax on carbon, frustratingly taken away. How long until labor can bring it back? It's the main reason I preference Greens federally.

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For starters, I own a no-face coin bank & catbus pencil case

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Gday Jacob, how are you answering these questions? Are your responses verbatim & dictated, are you typing etc?

Good on you, you're a testament to the power of hope :)

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A Locked in syndrome case in fiction was terrifying.

Black Mirror (can be very full-on) has an episode called Black Museum, in which an unethical doctor in the near future documents his neurological experiments.

One such case was where a dying women's consciousness was preserved, uploaded into (digital memory in) a plush monkey. She was fully aware, but could only express using two phases: monkey loves you or monkey needs a hug Reddit discussion on this episode

Truely the stuff of nightmares, & glad you made it back mate