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putyourayguntomyhead16 karma

yeah i came in here all ready to be like so how you like coaching the steelers?

putyourayguntomyhead2 karma

ok, questions about your second appearance:

Is the wall behind you a real wall or is there a fake place you're hiding the coffee cup and muffin?

You never walk from one side of the table to the other, between the table and the wall, are you able to or does some aspect of the trick not allow you to?

putyourayguntomyhead2 karma

wow, that's pretty crazy, great trick. Mind if I ask a follow up?

In your first time on the show, they ask you if it could have been any of the 52 cards in the deck, you don't answer yes, you turn to Allison and ask her if she had free choice. Can you answer yes?

putyourayguntomyhead2 karma

thanks for replying! you have thoroughly stumped me on both!