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purplefrog856 karma

I work at a school where 100% of kids get free lunch. I am seriously appalled by the amount of food waste that we produce. Students are told they have to take one of everything - even if they brought their own lunch. Yesterday we had pizza, broccoli and peaches. Every singly kid threw away their broccoli without opening the package. I've tried everything - eating the broccoli myself in front of them, daring them to try 1 bite, even saying they are not allowed to throw anything away without trying.

I'm sharing this because - while I love all of the health-drive initiatives that have occurred in the last few years, I don't believe they are having the impact we think they are having.

Without education, shifts in culture/mindset, the potential of these healthy changes will be lost. Do you have any tips for getting kids to have an open mind about these new lunches?

EDIT: a little more background - my students are first graders. It's not just the foods that kids stereotypically don't like (ie. broccoli). Grapes- they won't eat unless they're seedless... Oranges - they can't peel... Cherry Tomatoes - they legitimately didn't believe me when I told they they were tomatoes !!