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What you call "man box" is what many others have called "toxic masculinity". It's interesting to see that so many Redditors agree with, and can relate to this description, yet when the actual term "toxic masculinity" is used they go on a rampage and saying it's sexist to talk about that stuff--like men aren't victims of this kind of thing, either. Thanks for describing this phenomenon in a way that male Redditors can understand and relate to.

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an executive summary

"I want a full report on my desk by tomorrow. Or you'll receive a full disadulation."

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I'm a PhD candidate in sociology keeping a close eye on available openings, as I'm about to go on the job market.

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Sociology isn't like psychology or economics. It's what is called a "multiparadigmatic" discipline, meaning there are many different (equally valid) perspectives from which to practice. This has caused quite a few tiffs over the validity and status of various paradigms--many debates that started in the 1980s and continue until today.

I've never heard of Lisa McKenzie before now, and based on that one video you linked, she seems like one of the qualitative-artist type of researchers that tries to mobilize knowledge through art. Do I do this kind of research? No. I'm pretty much the opposite--I primarily do quantitative research, structural equation modeling, etc. I also do some qualitative research, but it's more traditional (textual analysis, interviewing, focus groups).

Do I have a problem with this kind of research? Not to the point where I think she's an "evil SJW" or some kind of witch. Not like a lot of people on Reddit would. I do have some issue with the extent to which she's been captured by her research participants, though. I feel like research and advocacy can have points of interface, but to so willingly blur the two without cause or concern for things like trustworthiness and validity--I can't endorse that.

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It's just as hard to get a tenure-track position in sociology as it is any other discipline. Rest assured.