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What makes you the happiest these days?

(Also, I hope for the family's sake your Grandpa has an Advanced Directive/Living Will so that his end-of-life wishes are known and documented. I used to work on a Cardiac unit, and there's nothing sadder than a family fighting over whether or not Grandpa wanted all these life-prolonging interventions, especially when so many of them are painful/unpleasant.)

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What is your favourite picture that you've taken? The one the makes you happiest? The one that makes you sad?

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I always thought it was stupid that people would run and get each piece one at a time. Were you not allowed to grab all three and then put it together? Or were these people just that stupidly inefficient?

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I'm an L&D/Postpartum nurse, and you can tell her that the foreskin actually has a protective effect against poop "getting in there" because it is actually attached to the glans. It really only needs external care/wiping down.

It's when people start messing with it by retracting the foreskin prematurely that babies get microtears that are susceptible to infection.

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I loved the content, but I couldn't listen to her voice for a full-length show. I know she doesn't have much control over it, and I really want to see more women in news programming, but it just didn't work for me.