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Dude.. I don't have anything to ask. I just want to say that was a heartbreaking story. You have a beautiful way with the written word. I'm sure this is a topic you certainly didn't want to have to use your talent on, but you seem to have captured such raw emotions that you endured through the years.

What's really important is how loved you were by your dad and PJ, and how lucky you were able to reconnect with him. And how also lucky you were that you had a date, because your family would have been even more devastated if you had gone up in that balloon, too.

Props to you, man, for being strong and sharing this with people. Nothing can ever bring them back, but those good memories are yours, and no one'll take them.

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How did you get into this job, and what was appealing about it to you?

At what point do hosts "age" out, or are there older, mature clubs that appeal to equally older women?

What do your family and friends think about your work?

What are some of the funniest/craziest experiences you've had? How about the most depressing?

How would you compare this industry to Western strip clubs? Both are equally deceptive, in a way, as the host or dancer sells their time for companionship in some form. Obviously, the end services differ, but in the end, the customer goes home alone (usually!) and out of a lot of cash.

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Why do obituaries rarely tell what the person died of? I mean, that's really the only interest I have when I look at that part of the paper.

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Yes, she has often posted this in AMA and 2XC. Apparently we weren't interested enough the last four times?

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Interesting, thanks for the response!

Have you seen The Great Happiness Space? If so, would you say that is an accurate portrayal of the industry?