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A couple of questions:

  • How do you expect pricing to develop? Looking for an answer like: First production: limited distribution, $100/kg First large grocery chain adoption: $40/kg Replaced all animal-meat in the world: $0.01/kg

  • What do you base your 99% less land etc etc statement on? Kobe Beef?

  • Instead, can you contrast eating your product with something like soy or quinoa from the ecological point of view?

  • Would this product be a viable way to provide protein (and perhaps some iron etc) macronutrition to the world or will it always be luxury?

  • are you planning to print the perfect turducken?

  • What is your take on the health aspects of meat? Some health aspects are avoidable - I assume your product will not have many antibiotics or mercury etc but some health issues are inherent to meat.. are you able to improve on nature

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Forgetting about the ethics for a moment, there is no way pasture farming can accommodate the world's current- let alone future demand for meat. factory farms are a lot more efficient than pasture farms.

Still ignoring ethics, even if you were somehow able to pasture farm more animals, global costs of animal farming vs veggie (more water, energy, waste gases, waste poo) are completely unsustainable at the levels we are talking about

Meat has to become a complete luxury item like a $100 dollar wine to sort of become small enough to shrug at the snobs.

And now, lets talk ethics... (I kid, I kid)

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It's strange. When it comes to computer stuff, sure it rarely makes sense to go to a physical store but clothing i need to see, and feel if it fits etc.

When I've determined what i want I suppose i could go home and order the same item cheaper but that is just too unethical for me.

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Why commando? Isnt that cold? Where did it come from?

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So clearly we need a rule "nobody try on underwear, except Niburuorwhat has a free pass because reasons."