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Not the one youre replying to, but i can do all that while also being kinda overweight and ridiculously out of shape. If you want a new client who also has no money, I’m your guy

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Hey, just as a suggestion. I saw you're using Testim (the gel I'm guessing?) and you also have no sense of smell. FYI, that stuff reeks. I used to use it (I have low testosterone) and my mom complained to me constantly about the smell. I personally could smell it and didn't think it was that bad (and all my friends said it actually smelled kinda good) but my mom and family said it was awful. So I'm just gonna suggest switching to Androgel if you can (basically the same thing, but a different less smelly brand). Androgel tends to be more expensive though, so if you can afford it or if your insurance covers it, I highly reccomend switching.

As for a question, how does anyone think you look like a middle school kid when you're so tall? I also have a bit of a baby face (since my own low testosterone), and I'm 22 years old and 5'6. People usually peg me as a 16yo, and its also attributed to my height in addition to my face. Which is why I wonder how anyone can think you're less than 16 at that height.

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What do you feel is the biggest issue with homeless shelters, and do you think they actually provide any help and resources to combat homelessness?

The town I live in keeps creating these laws to “fight homelessness” but I feel they do the opposite- the laws include banning sleeping in vehicles except in approved campgrounds (you can’t sleep in your vehicle on private property, for example, even if you own said property), banning “camping paraphernalia” in your vehicle at any time (which includes utensils and sleeping bags), no sitting on the sidewalk, etc. Businesses are not allowed to have outdoor seating unless they bring in the tables and chairs before a certain time every night. With these laws, they also announced the opening of a new shelter “soon”, with most the previous ones having closed in the past few years for lack of funding and overpopulation. So, with laws like these, im wondering how you feel about shelters and programs in general.

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Thanks for the answer! I’m glad to hear that the shelters and services you’ve experienced have been a majority positive. It goes to show that when these services actually attempt to help people, they CAN help.

Its very unfortunate many towns, including my own, just think making homelessness illegal will somehow fix the issue.