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Pardon me if this has been answered or if it's common knowledge but are you Canadian?

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I want to understand all of this so bad

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Hi! I used to play for New York University up until 2012 and I worked as Snitch Director for the IQA up until 2014ish.

I don't know when you started playing but I was curious what you think about the current state of snitches in the sport? I came from the time of off pitch seeking and immediate seeker release

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I do like snitch always being on pitch. I thi k it streamlines the game, allows for easier tournament planning, and removes a lot of 'oops, we won' scenarios.

I miss off pitch seeking just because it was fun for snitches. Not the most fair gameplay however.

Do you think snitches are a necessary component to the game? I sometimes feel like it's not so much with the current rules.

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Thanks for being awesome like this. I was wondering what you'd say to aspiring musicians who are looking to work with Youtube artists?

I figure the answer is just "meet everybody" as it is in the game/film industry but wasn't sure if there are other venues than social media that you'd recommend.

I've been writing music for animations for a few years now, since 2010, but haven't quite hit that 'break' and thought youtube animators might be a good market.