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Now all we need to do is send Will Smith and a camera crew.

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This may be too long, but please read (at the least) from the bolded word "also" and down.

I wouldn't even go as far to say that you are modifying the web page. You are an extension of the browser, a 3rd party. At no point does your extension become part of the page itself in any way, shape, or form. In fact, your extension reads a public website and then cross references it in other public databases. Cross referencing tools are not illegal.

As for the ToS argument, that's just bullshit. You cannot legally be held to a website's ToS just by going onto it. Everyone has the chance to leave a website without having first accepting a ToS. The ToS applies when you start using the services. Amazon's Conditions of Use begins with this principle:

We offer a wide range of Amazon Services, and sometimes additional terms may apply. When you use an Amazon Service (for example, Your Profile, Gift Cards, Amazon Instant Video, Your Media Library, or Amazon applications for mobile ) you also will be subject to the guidelines, terms and agreements applicable to that Amazon Service ("Service Terms").

Also, if you are going to respond to them, I would suggest using keywords from Follett's website. They have a whole "values" page.

  • Always do the right thing -- Integrity
  • Own the outcome -- Accountability
  • Put customers at the center of all that you do. -- Customers
  • Be open, honest, and transparent -- Each and Every Associate
  • Challenge yourself to find a better way. -- Innovation
  • Go farther together. -- Teamwork

In a response letter, if you wish to do so, I would suggest talking about your goal to make the process "more open, honest, and transparent." You saw a problem with the prices of textbooks, so you challenged yourself to find a better way together, with your coworkers. In the end, this is a customer-centric extension by helping those struggling financially to save money. Helping those in need is the right thing to do.

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In other words, America's fetish is getting yelled at by Brits.

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Sounds like you worked for the Department of Labor...

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WebMD: Cancer.