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I've been like this my whole life so I was never afraid of it and I've always thought it was so weird people could have a fear of something like that just since I deal with it all the time! It's no fun at all but besides the stomach pain that comes with it/burning throat and the interference in my life I actually don't mind the actual vomiting that much; to me it's like sneezing a lot if you have a cold.

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When I was in elementary school it impacted it a lot because I would miss weeks of school so I got an independent education plan and was always pretty quick to catch onto things so I wasn't ever behind. In middle/high school I wasn't sick as often, maybe once a month, so it didn't affect me much. Last year in college it got really bad (was sick 4-5 days a week) and I did horribly but luckily my professors have been really nice about letting me make up tests and helping me out if I miss class. The dean is also involved and they consider me to have a disability so I get extra help/lenience

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hi! I haven't been sick long enough since I was very young to go to the er. I am only sick for a max of three days now and usually it's about 3-5 hours of constant vomiting and then a day of not feeling good. when I'm throwing up I generally don't have time or energy to get into the shower or a bath (I'm throwing up like every 3-5 seconds and can't move) and when I have my stomach pain for like an hour before I genuinely can't walk it's so bad so I've never tried a shower or bath since I can't make it to one and I can't stand in the shower and I think I'd drown in the bath lol. I also don't ever ask for pain meds or anything and just go with what they recommend so my doctors have never thought I was drug seeking. it sounds bad but I do think some people with cvs expect too much medical care and drugs; I hear about some of them going to the er after less than a day of being sick (when I was young my parents would wait at least 4-5 days of constant vomiting) and even though the pain sucks and it's so bad I can't move or talk I really don't think pain meds are necessary in most cases and it's more important to stop the vomiting for dehydration and I know some people with cvs ask for pretty heavy stuff when honestly their episodes aren't that bad yet which I think makes a lot of doctors think it's a drug seeking problem

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It's really not that bad. It's like being afraid of bee stings; most people who are scared rarely have it happen and it's just the anticipation that's scary. If you just don't think about it it's not bad especially if you're just throwing up a couple times

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Thanks! I'm hoping it works too and things work out for you too!