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That’s what I’m wondering my college professor for my forestry 119 class says that the fires are not a problem whatsoever ever. The media is just overreacting it happens every year. He laughed out loud in class one day when a student brought it up in class.

Edit: Why am I being downvoted for just saying what my professor said. I never said I agreed or disagreed with him.

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As soon I complained about being downvoted I started getting upvotes. SoI’ll deal with it.

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Why would my professor who has a MA in wildlife and fisheries management, BS in forest resource management and AA in dendrology say this then. He seems very knowledgeable considering his credentials I’m sure he didn’t just say this stuff out of the blue with no reasoning behind it.

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Are people overreacting about the fires? My professor for my forestry 119 class thinks the whole thing is hilarious and it’s absolutely not a problem.