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puffpuffcutie9 karma

I bought socks at a jcpenny yesterday and the lady checking us out laid it on heavy with nasty old lady guilting about 'wow I wish I could not worry about saving money' spiel when we declined getting the jcpenny card; are you guys pay dependant on commission from signing people up for that? Is there a quota for per day basis for those cards?

Also if someone gets the card, how would it be best used to make the most of its worth?

puffpuffcutie7 karma

I know there's quite a few people who'll keep using an id card long after it expires. in my state (though idk about others) the card goes from portrait to landscape at 21 and in certain places I've cashiered they'll say that even if they're old enough if its not updated to the landscape style its not valid... Never actually got in trouble for ignoring it though