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What are your preferences for car colors? I've heard some people don't like black because it gets dirty too easy. My mom got a white car because she's moving to Arizona and white doesn't absorb heat very much. I've heard the best way to get a collectable car is in first generation launch colors.

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If you read his other comments it's clear that like most entrepreneurs he's an opportunist. He sold guns before he sold doughnuts. He says in another comment that he wouldn't get into selling guns if he didn't already sell them. Personally I would love it if my life landed me in such an interesting position.

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You say you threw your hat in the ring for selling doughnuts. What other things have you thrown your hat in the ring for?

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I've posted a similar comments whenever anyone ask about unreliability. It usually gets down voted but I think it's important and needs to be acknowledged

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Are there links between Borderline Personality Disorder and autism?

I'm about to receive a BPD diagnosis. BPD is most often developed through trauma like abandonment. This trauma can be one specific instance or gradual over time.

75% of people with gender dysphoria have ADHD. One of the theories behind this is that ADHD brains are so different that neurotypical people aren't able to apply typical gender assignment. The neurotypicals are confused, this may in turn make the neurodivergents confused.

I've found that autistic people tend to love differently than neurotypicals. Could a similar mismatch between neurotypicals and neurodivergents result in feelings of abandonment? Is this abandonment severe/common enough to link autism to something like borderline personality disorder?