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When you say the "angry" or "bitter wife brigade", you mean the women who have been devastingly hurt, right? You act as if their feelings are not legitimate, when they have all the legitimacy in the world. Good job on dehumanising the people who have had their hearts broken and their trust shattered by the people they were closest to.

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I think while the reaction is wrong, it is also understandable. The world as you knew it has been shattered, and the person you normally turn to in those times, is the person who did it to you. And not only was there a horde of people who knew he was doing it, they encouraged it and provided the medium in which to do it. The pain and rage is real, and it causes people to lash out.

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What do you suggest for people who's anxiety increases while attempting mindfulness or meditation?

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It's a very juvenile response to a awful, cruel and hurtful activity. I wish to hell there were people championing my side when my partner was cheating on me, and not just remaining silent because it's more mature to keep your nose out of it.

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Anxiety about their worth to people as they really are.