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pteka2335 karma

I’ve interviewed and hired a lot of people in my career and I’m honestly not very impressed by any of this. Your sample resume is decent but nothing that would grab my attention or make you stand out. It’s very high level with some heavily used words like implemented and executed. I don’t really know what you actually did on a day to day basis in any of these roles.

You’ve got spelling errors in this post, unprofessional responses and comments about sleeping through interviews. If this was an interview you would not get the job. Maybe your software is more impressive then this post but I’m not going to look any further to find out.

My resume advice is don’t approach a resume like you are trying to impress someone with how you can build a sentence. A wordy resume is distracting and I’m spending my time deconstructing these over the top sentences trying to understand what you can actually do. Cut the crap and tell me exactly what you can do in an appropriate amount of words. What did you specifically accomplish? What makes you someone I want to learn more about? Help me understand your applicable skills that you can demonstrate on day one. If you are a stand out employee it means you have made an impact in previous roles, tell me about that.