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So is that a one up or one down?

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I think the counter argument will be: "We can't hire experienced people who have never been involved in the industry"

I'm not saying its a rational argument, just that it will sway people who don't understand

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In the US literally everyone is qualified to be a 'Nutritionist' this may also be the case in other countries. It means precisely nothing.

Try seeing a dietitian.

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In the movie "The Martian" it seemed water and oxygen were produced while on Mars.

It seems to me that any Mars expedition will likely be pretty long term. With the current state of technology, which, if any, resources would be more feasible to extract/produce on Mars rather than bringing them with?

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I agree with a plan of action for accelerated vaccine development, but to play devils advocate:

A big part of the #meToo movement was based around the idea that consent under duress isn't fully consent, right? A person in power pressures you and asks for sexual favors and you say yes out of fear for your job / livelihood etc, you haven't really given consent.

Continuing on that thread, with the country under lockdown many people are considered non-essential and the nature of their jobs do not allow them to work from home. The unemployment system is swamped and overloaded and a 1200 dollar check once every 3 months just straight doesn't cut it.

Volunteers for medical testing often receive some compensation, as they should. If they offer compensation for this higher-risk testing, people might cave in out of need rather than because they really wanted to. Might this put an asterisk next to their consent in the same way as outlined in the #meToo example?