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I've finished a degree in the time I've been on cam, and have been accepted into grad school. Camming has helped me pay the bills, so I don't need to take out a loan. I realise I wont be in my twenties forever. I'll need to work a "real" job. And I will :) Wearing clothes! :D

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ooooohhhh yeah. yes. YES. some of my best paying tips have been for things that aren't that perverted, they are just awkward as hell. Today I spanked my ass with a spatula. I've recited shakespeare while fingering myself. Yeah. it gets awkward, haha. I'd say it's more of a funny awkward. I never do something I DONT want to do though. To me there is a difference between an awkward feeling and one that feels wrong. If something doesn't feel right, then I don't do it. End of story.

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luckily no! i suppose its bound to happen, but i'll just ask then how hard they came and if i'll be seeing them as one of my regulars XD

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I've been interning/tutoring and doing other work at my university :)

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I understand dudes generally make way less. And I think your audience is gay (Which some men find strange)