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What do you think of fighting in hockey?

Is it appropriate at some or any playing level?

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Hi Ms. Lerner, thanks for your reporting.

Recycling in the west is larger a burden on the consumer, if I understand.

How might a system shift that burden onto manufactures or corporations?

Why might that shift lead to more effective recycling?

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From a ref’s perspective, I wonder if fights (or the threat of fighting) maybe lessen the need for refs to officially penalize every cheap shot, and let players mediate out some stuff among themselves?

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Your 3-7% stat is very controversial. It gives the reader a sense of the frequency at which each of the nightmare scenarios occur, however it is not a stat drawn from your data.

It was a verbal, non-official statement from an AirBnB customer service rep (as best I can tell from your writing), a member of a group you simultaneously discredit as non-functional and disorganized.

Do you have any ideas about how to derive your own problem-stay stat?

Assuming 3-7% is valid, what component may be comprised of problems due to guests?

I fear this stat gives readers an unsupported opinion about the risk of using AirBnB.