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Most businesses would overcome your scenario by simply ordering the proper quantity of ingredients that they didn't need to worry about tossing left overs.

High volume restaurants get more than one food order per week. If they're tossing out-of-date inventory, then they've got a problem with their management.

More likely the franchisee is simply trying to build a customer base by offering specials on a day that isn't normally as busy as the rest of the week - an incredibly common tactics in the food service industry. That makes a lot more sense then them running some complicated expiry date promotion system.

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It's actually not filmed at all... it's really a cartoon.

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It already is one.


How many stripper pseudo business books do you think the world needs?

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They're a publicly traded company. Big issues affecting stock price have to be announced publicly. If one of those thousands of employees had leaked the information before it was publicly announced, investors would gave sold their shares before the share price plummeted.

Whenever you are dealing with public companies big news will always be announced publicly before staff finds out.

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A lot of people are going in and buying brands exclusive to Target. Target Canada was so incompetent at actually keeping items in stock that people who were waiting for sales on furniture for example are buying it now at full price since it's hard to believe they'll be getting more stock in later.

I've had three lamps on rain-check for weeks because whoever is responsible at Target for keeping stores stocked is a moron. So I was in today hoping there was stock left by some miracle.