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lucius! love the band, when can we expect more music? (i got into your band via you two's vocals on 'son sick' (which i adore), any thoughts on that experience, and any other collaborative plans in the future?)

anyway, you guys rock. thanks for some great music (esp. two of us).....and i look forward to seeing you in bklyn in two weeks.

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huge huge fan of yours (particularly in the west wing and apocalypse now), but my question is about your time spent on 'the way' (a film i enjoyed greatly). apart from the whole filming process, did you feel able to truly experience the walk? any thoughts on it?

i plan on doing it soon myself!! thanks for providing an amazing source of enjoyment for myself and many others and i look forward to more work of yours to come! (also surprised and nice to see you in 'selma!')

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love both you guys!

please tell me bad things aren't to come for peter and nance (as i think you suggested one time)!?!?!

thanks for the show!