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prthecrazyone96 karma

Hi, Mr. Obergefell! My name is Chelsea and I was at the Court the day you and the other plaintiffs argued. I wanted to tell you that you and everyone else who fought to get to the Court that day are heroes to the cause and inspirations to activists like me, who feel like the work we do has good endings after all. You've already answered one of the questions I wanted to ask you (how do you feel about the cost of what you did) and I love how humble you are. You've truly changed this world for the better!

So my follow-up question is this: did you know when you left the Court that you had won?

prthecrazyone10 karma

Optimism gives you light in even the darkest of times! If it's any consolation, I felt doubt too -- but when I walked out of the Court after my viewing, I told a reporter who stopped me "We're going to win." I'm so glad we were both right! Thank you for your fight and for answering my question -- it means so much to me!