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How much of a back and forth is reasonable in a salary negotiation? I know that usually the person who says a number first loses, but if they give a number, you ask for higher, and they return with a better number is that the end of the line? Or is it still open for negotiation? School me on etiquette!

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(Not at payscale) If I were you I would consider the health of the company overall (10 years spans the great recession where many were not receiving raises), check what others are making in your area, go in with a few major accomplishments and make a case for more. I doubt you will get the big bump you are looking for all at once without a promotion, but perhaps a smaller bump combined with other things (more vacation etc.) Alternatively, you could also ask to meet in another 6 months to re-examine things then and negotiate for a higher salary then. Just my two cents. Good luck!

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Many jobs have approved payscale categories. What would you suggest negotiating for if you are told that you are already at the top of the salary range for the job being offered?

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Agree! Companies need to be more family friendly, not just women friendly.

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Women statistically earn less than men, and a recent NY Times article eluded that one reason is because women don't ask for more salary upon hiring. How do you know how much to ask for and when to settle so you don't sell yourself short?