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Doctor, thank you very much for your tireless work.

As a fellow Rotarian, supporter of the Polio Plus program for over 10 years and someone who has contact with polio survivors through work and personal life, I have one question.

What would be the best way to communicate the importance of continued support for this program to younger generations that we interact with and recruit as Rotarians everyday?

While I am very excited by the support, I am concerned that with this influx of support from the Gates Foundation that some may think, "oh that should do it." When the truth is this is a long road we are going down.

I apologize for the run-on sentences.

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You couldn't tell that they were bodies falling from the towers at the time.it just looked like debris.

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Nice try Joe Buck...

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Thanks for doing this Artie! Is it safe to say that your new gig won't require you to get up at 4am every day?

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Who would do best behind Brandon in the "First We Feast" Chicken Wing Challenge?