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Okay, so when you call 911 - It's not instant. Sometimes (androids, iphones) it can be near instant - but other times, it takes 2-5 minutes. The first "location" data we get is the cell tower you call from, then any gps coordinates. The cell tower may not even be the nearest available, but it's just the one your 911 call was routed too.

Also, if your phone doesn't have GPS, it can take 30mintues to 24 hours for the phone company to trace it.

If you ever call 911, wait for them to say whatever and STATE YOUR LOCATION. That's more important then what is going on. Trust me.

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I heard a woman get beat by her husband. It was sad - I could hear her scream in pain. When the officers got there, she had bled all over the house and nearly died.

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Yes. My very first call I've ever had, the guy died. I heard him take his laugh "gasp" for air.

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I'd have to call myself an Atheist. I respect everyone's religion though, and nonetheless - I've read the entire bible and know why I disagree with it.

But as I stated earlier, sometimes (even as an atheist), I do things that I don't believe in to help others (prayer). Maybe I don't get anything from prayer or believe in it, but he did and I wanted to give him some hope.

It's been proven that people who have hope in critical conditions are more likely to pull out. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I would have told him I was Atheist instead of helping him.

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He was peeing in the woods. >.>