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This would be just great. We could have you around on reddit making sarcastic comments about posts while Snoop Dogg could just call everyone neffew.

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I have been very excited about your AMA, big fan here from Pakistan. So here is what I want to ask you

  • How did the concept of comedians in cars come about?

  • Which comedian that has passed away would you have wanted on your show and why?

  • Which comedian have you not interviewed that you would like to?

  • If you were to make a new sitcom for television would that too be about nothing?

  • Seinfeld had a lot of -talkers. Is there a new kind of talker you feel the need to identify?

  • You'll be turning 60 next year (Which kind of astounds me since I always see you as a 40 something). I'll be expecting you to have made the neccesary plans for a condo in Del Boca Vista no later than December, otherwise I'm afraid I'll have to inform the authorties.

EDIT: To those who think that I am babu

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I can already see the new sitcom.

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It's mix of The Comeback and The Pez Dispenser