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Do you note whether suspects attacked or were about to attack police officers or civilians first to add some context to your statistics?

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First of all, love your site. It's on my daily list of reads especially for my portfolio, stocks I'm watching and macro news.

Few questions:

  1. How big is your biotech/pharma team.
  2. How many biotech/pharma articles are submitted on average every day?
  3. How hard is it sifting through every submitted article to see that it meets the minimum criteria for publishing
  4. I know SA has had trouble with companies/fund managers accusing anonymous writers for revealing insider information. Is the legal aspect a big concern that bogs the firm as a whole down?
  5. Of the top of your head, do you remember any notable breaking & exclusive news/analysis that were noted in them main stream media and gave big names like Wall st journal, Barrons, Oppenheimer etc a run for their money? I notice sometimes that some top news items refer SA authors' articles as validation for having made the right calls.

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Thanks! Keep up the good work... you guys are doing the world of retail investors a huge favor.

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  1. What development languages do you use for the windows version of excel?

  2. Is there a lot of C programming with the current versions?

  3. Trying to recall but what was the role of Joel Spolsky in the initial excel versions of Excel?