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How do you not get completely depressed about the impacts you see? Hell, just a glance at the news makes me reconsider waking up; I can’t imagine actually diving deep into the bleak details.

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What are some things a person should consider when deciding on whether or not they want plastic surgery? I’ve been considering rhinoplasty honestly since I was five.

Also, is it common for plastic surgeons to be nitpicky about your appearance to goad you into getting surgery? I think the most devastating thing to hear from one surgeon was that he could “fix” my face. As someone suffering from depression and low self esteem, I (no exaggeration) almost threw myself in front of the train I was going to catch home.

(I didn’t, since my cat would be hungry.)

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Two questions!

1.) This may sound like an odd question, but how do you feel about trans rights? Many folks who oppose it come at it from the angle of “it’s not anatomically correct,” and deny the existence of folks with uncommon anatomy or anatomy that otherwise doesn’t fit expectations, so I was wondering what your thoughts on it are.

2.) Do you ever encounter poor treatment on account of your body?

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How do I hack a gacha game so I can get my favourite PNGs— uh, kindly expose a vulnerability in their system for them?