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How do you feel about updog?

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Because it was such a heartfelt response, I will type it out to the best of my ability on my ipad.

I can't narrow it down to one. When I first came to CBS News and had the responsibility of covering Dr Martin Luther King and the early civil rights movement in the Deep South, hour after hour, day after day, I saw things that really upset me. As a reporter, as a pro, keeping them to yourself. But to see things like powerful people of authority turning high pressure fire hoses and vicious attack dogs on women and children who were peacefully demonstrating; see a Ku Klux Klan rally, to see all kinds of violence in various forms, [pause] as the resistance built to the civil rights movement, [pause] it was difficult to keep one's emotions in check. The Kennedy assassination, the four days in Dallas. I was in Dallas the day of the assassination. I don't want to be dramatic about it, but the constant struggle to keep your own human, natural, personal, emotional reactions to the hammer, to the heart...that was the assassination. It was a struggle, professionally. The whole time I covered American men and women in combat in the green jungle hell that was Vietnam, one saw savagery, death, suffering at a level that, even though I'm a child in World War II, seemed unimaginable. Certainly 9/11. During that period. I mean, those were among the times when it was especially difficult to deal with what was happening emotionally and, at the same time, deal with it professionally.

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I just want to say how awesome and badass your job is. Keep it up!