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Time to add Rush Limbaugh, in the hopes that the same fate befalls him.

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What is treatment like for that two-week stay? Does it seem to help, or is it mainly to provide some separation for things to cool down and for his rage to subside?

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When you bring up the illegal immigration from other areas of the globe, what do Klan members say? Is there geographical variation? I know in the South there is growing concern about hispanic immigration, but in, say, LA are Klansmen more concerned about asians?

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Did you remove the meds under doctor's supervision? Some of those psychiatric meds are really terrible, in side effects and efficacy both.

You sound like an amazing parent.

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you can't patent a gene like it appears in nature.

Tell that to people who are dealing with trying to get BRCA and BRCA2 tests. They can't patent the test itself, since that's basic genetics 1 lab. So they patented a natural mutation, but only if you put it in a lab. Even so, I find that to be ridiculous.