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princessoatmeal108 karma

It's a beautiful thing to watch sheepdogs work with their people, thank you for sharing!

I am the owner of an incredibly smart border collie with very obvious tendencies to herd anything. Sucks for her, we don't have sheep. Do you have any tips/insight to keep her brain busy, without investing in livestock?

princessoatmeal31 karma

Thank you for your response! I saw your post with book recs, I am investing in Herding Dogs: Progressive Training. Thank you so much! I almost feel guilty having this magnificent beast as a pet when she would be awesome with a herd. She's looking at me with the most loving eyes right now, so I guess she doesn't care. *EDIT* Before anyone concludes that my dog leads a dismal life in a kennel - she doesn't. We get out for runs, bike rides, fetch, etc. almost daily, for at least an hour at a time. Additionally, I have an Aussie and they are BFFs, who get to play in my giant yard. Don't. Worry! She is happy here, I promise. I just want to exercise her ~brain~.

Another question: Where do your dogs sleep? Are they allowed in your home or do they have separate lodging? How far do you travel with your sheep on foot (not in trailers, etc.)? Do you camp with your herd? If so, do your dogs work throughout the night?