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Do you think it is still necessary to keep hidden from the American Public some of the most extreme and awful footage left from 9/11 ?

Like footage of jumper bodies impacting, sound and video ?

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pressure must be exerted to make more NBA players white. And more speech pathologists male. And more bricklayers female. And more dental hygenists male. and more prostitutes male. and more elementary school teachers male.

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The idea of pushing diversity is very dangerous and destructive because if you think about it critically, you start to go down a very complex road to enforcement.

First of all - Categories ? What categories are we going to choose ? Race based on skin color ? Are we going to measure skin color on a scale of 0 - 100 like with an instrument ? A 75 has a big advantage in hiring as opposed to a 25. Doesn't that mean the 25 is being punished because her slave ancestors were having sex ( probably unwilling at best ) with the white slave owner ? The 90 with darker skin has an advantage 'cause he just immigrated here from Africa ? What about Indians ? They have a handicap 'cause their dark skin isn't the same as african american dark skin, even though the instrument mentioned above gives them a 71 ? Are we going to have some white guy write the code for handicapping the measuring instrument above so it has built in corrections for other categories, because I'll tell you right now, a straight up color shade sensor will just give you a number based on the skin it is measuring. Isn't the whole instrument measuring idea done from the start, 'cause we for sure can't have some white programmer write the code, eh ?

Are we going to have religious categories ? Satan worshipers at 100 on the scale ? Athiests at 82 on the scale, Southern Baptists at 0 ? Muslims at 79 ? Wiccas at 67 ? Jews at 20 ? How do we categorize people on the diversity scale of religion ?

How about eye color ? Won't all the same problems mentioned in the first paragraph be the same ?

How about diversity of height ? Well, we have to correct for women right off the bat. And dwarves / midgets. Tyrion should be excluded for sure 'cause he's rich.

DIVERSITY OF OUTCOME is an insane idea and would lead to such an enormous gov't bureaucracy that everyone's freedom to do anything would cease to exist. If you leave the market alone, there are going to be a TON more female nurses, probably 'cause women would rather work with people as opposed to THINGS. And there are going to be a TON more male engineers who like to work with THINGS. Because that is the way people are, and always have been. Psychologists have understood this for at least 100 years.

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What can we do about a female co-worker who is screwing the VP ? Everyone is afraid of her ?

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After passage of the 14th Amendment, native americans were excluded because they are not " Subject to the jurisdiction there of " which is why the indian reservations have their own police/court/law systems.

That kinda contradicts the idea that citizenship is simply a matter of birth location ? Like if your father / mother are from Sudan, live in us because they are diplomats in the sudan embassy. Mom give birth in us hospital, but the kid is not a us citizen ? That is why the diplomat parents are not subject to us law ?