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I live in Newton Corner and you're kind of a legend around here. I mean, after Matt Damon, Louis CK, Matt LeBlanc, John Krasinski, Eli Roth, and John Slattery. Don't worry though, you're DEFINITELY up there!

Anyway, favorite place in Newton to eat?

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Initially, the deputy mayor of New Square, Israel Spitzer, the suspect's cousin, said the attack was simply a personal dispute between the two men. The town supervisor, Christopher St. Lawrence, said he trusted the deputy mayor.

what. the. fuck.

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Neither one of those have anything to do with the 3 questions this guy asked. They just have the word Qatar in them. The closest it gets is "Can you criticize local government?" is almost like "Are you pressured by your backers?"

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Anecdotal but I've signed a TON of NDAs in my life and I can't keep my mouth shut. I try to remove details about certain people or the company name but yeah.. those don't work if you have multiple people on a project.