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In your proposal, what is the difference between a corporation paying to air commercials critical of a candidate, which you’re seeking to prohibit, and a corporation which owns a media property airing television programs, broadcasting radio shows, publishing books, or printing newspapers containing criticisms of a candidate with the same intent of influencing an election? During the arguments in the Citizens United case, in response to a line of questioning from Justice Alito, Deputy Solicitor General Malcolm Stewart asserted that the government had the power to ban books which merely mentioned candidates as most publishers were corporations. Do you agree that the government should have the power to ban certain books, and other forms of media as well, as Stewart asserted?

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Hey guys, I've been a fan of Reason and H&R for years. While you're both libertarians, I have to imagine the two of you don't see eye to eye on every single political topic. Where have you two disagreed the most?

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Can you explain how my right to speak freely is lost when I decide to organize with others who share my opinion and we pool our resources to promote that opinion?