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I know several gentlemen in the USAF, and one of them has the callsign "Ace". Everyone calls him that; his own mother calls him that. And every time he's introduced to a superior they tell him that he can't have the callsign "Ace", it's too presumptuous and on-the-nose.

Then he tells them that he got this callsign when playing basketball with another fellow friend, who lept up to sit on his shoulders to dunk the ball. People started calling them "Ace" and "Gary" from the Ambiguously Gay Duo

The superior then says, "As you were."

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Hey Scott! Congrats from a local (Oakland) who loves the SF Symphony... what an amazing building to hear fantastic art in! I've probably heard you play before!

I was a trumpet player in a really renowned music group, which I abbreviate as "the best marching band in the world" and I'm curious about if your experience can inform mine. Mine was that it's not that different from the circles I grew up in; it's just more focused and disciplined, and everyone was just *really good* at their craft, and really cared. Like, we'd hang out on the weekend and then be asked to perform and they'd *throw the heck down* and do an amazing performance. Could you talk a bit about what your experience has been like? Is it like this professionally where you could have a beer with a person and then they'd stupefy you with their skill?