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What sort of policies do you believe should be front and center on how humans and AI interact? Is there a quantifiable minimum level of transparency we can achieve that is understandable to the uninitiated?

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I can imagine you hear about how your family has changed lives a lot but how many times am I going to get this chance!

  1. The story of your mother's brain waves on the golden record was told as part of my wedding ceremony.
  2. After the name coming to her in a dream, my wife and I have decided to name our daughter (arriving in April) Sagan.

I've got this book on my short list to get as an audiobook!

Anyways, what is your opinion on the ritual of Santa? It's something my wife and I go back and forth on. Basically we're uncomfortable with the idea of pushing the concept of an all seeing all judging figure (we're also atheists so you can probably see where I'm going with this), however there is some magic in believing in magic when you're little. Where do you land on this?