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Is the food cold by the time the judges taste it?

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How is the pain now? I had crazy TMJ problems 6 years ago, but was fortunate I had no pain. I just couldn’t open my mouth more than an inch! It eventually healed on its own a few years later but I’m still in some small danger of one day shattering my condyle if I make a wrong move.

I saw a couple insane/scammy TMJ “specialists” who wanted to charge me thousands (not covered by insurance) on semi-permanent guards on my teeth to change my jaw alignment, plus some crazy stuff about it having to do with my posture. Luckily I read that none of it had any scientific merit and could have even fucked up my jaw even more.

Anyway, good to know there is some legit surgery that can help, just in case!

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If it was really that small though, there'd just be something else in it's place, like a Myspace that morphed into modern-day Facebook. Different guy, but probably similar problems.

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Have you gained weight? I know I would.