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4 - It's not about BF2 in particular, it's about the general trend that AAA companies have to lock gameplay content behind pay 2 win processes, even though you originally bought the game.

I won't buy BF2 too, and I never was interested in it in the first place. But I would not want the other AAA companies to get inspired and take the same model. At least, the outrage shows how much of an impact it can have, and might deter the other companies from doing the same.

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At which time do you get to sleep? Or, I should rather say, how much sleep do you get on average?

On my end I am averaging 9 hours of sleep.. Waking up at 4 a.m. would mean that I'd have to go to sleep around 7 pm. That's not possible without sacrificing my social life

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I am on the same boat as you. I've tried before to just "get up early", and having less sleep hours. Whenever I do that, I just can't get any work done. I end up being unable to focus at all, and I think that day i just ended up quitting work earlier to get home and sleep

I'd love if it was as simple as getting up early. I really envy those that can manage somehow to have 6-7 hours of sleep and still feel fine :)