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I would be surprised if no one had to check how much bug ends up in the average jar of peanut butter. My father used to work tracking that (and other things) in ketchup and tomato juice. They had to test batches periodically and there were allowances based on number of bug-pieces and total mass/volume of bug.

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Can't believe you responded to me where down there! Thanks man. Thorough.

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Reading this has made me miss riding the school bus everyday! Thank you for caring so much about your job. I have had bus drivers who cared that much. I was always a very quiet kid, but somehow my bus drivers got to know me and really cared. Just know it made a big difference. I'm now studying to become a teacher, and hearing about your side of what makes our public school system keep going is sure to help me one way or another. Thank you for this AMA!