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I can't really answer for my superiors. I can however remind you that police are people. The views within the police tend to reflect those amongst the general population. In my experience pretty much everyone agrees that current policies don't work, when it comes to the proposed solution however you'll find a lot more variation.

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Haha! I suspect they purposefully selected that opening frame for comedic effect. Not exactly flattering!

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I couldn't believe it was available!

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It's hard to give a true reflection of hours because I only do 40-50 hours a month as a special. So naturally I'm going to come into contact with it a lot less. I have however spent many hours processing people knowing full well that it is going to have zero positive impact, which is of course frustrating at times.

I remember the day after Canada legalised recreational cannabis I has to stop and search a young, well educated man with a job in government. This was because our drugs dog indicated he was in possession. The search turned up a single rolled spliff. I had to stand there, take all of his personal details, fill out a community resolution form, confiscate the spliff, seal it in an evidence bag, run his name past the radio operator, read him an official warning, book the evidence into the station, fill out another online form, upload my bodyworn video, link my bodyworn video to the online search form. All whilst making the guy look like a criminal in the eyes of the passing public. In total this took us easily an hour. Add to this the costs associated with administration, secure storage, destruction and the keeping of paperwork for a mandatory 7 years. You get the idea...

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LEAP have reached out to me and offered fantastic support. I will certainly be exploring their organisation - sounds like they do some great stuff.