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in it's finest

in its finest

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After the first Pebble and Pebble Steel, my major complaint about smartwatches (and this is more general about watches) is how much I have to take them off. I'm on a computer most of the day, and especially with laptops, I have to take watches off for comfort and to not scratch things. Is the Apple Watch comfortable enough that this doesn't feel like you need to take it off using a computer?

And more of an issue with the Apple Watch than other smart watches so far: You take it off to charge it. The Pebbles charge from the side, and you can technically wear it while charging, but it's awkward. With the Apple Watch, you have to take it off to charge it. My experience with trying to commit to smart watches has been that every time I have to take it off, I'm less likely to put it back on. Does the charging process and frequency feel like it hinders committing to putting it back on?

Rock on, Nilay!

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